A Good Social Media Strategy Brings A Better Brand Image–Case Study of The Nokia N8 “Push Snowboarding” Campaign


In September 2010, Nokia launched its N8 at the Nokia Online Store and ran the “Push snowboarding” campaign at the same time. Nokia chose the social media platforms, which were relatively new in 2010, to market the new smartphone.

Although social media campaign was not traditional, the process of building a marketing strategy is always the same.


Target audience and the goal

As an innovative technology company, Nokia wanted to promote the new phone to digitally-savvy customers who were definitely, at the same time, a big part of social networking users. Through the campaign, Nokia hoped that the N8 could provide consumers useful information that can be shared in their social communities and help customers connect and interact with other people in communities.

Identify the niche segment

In order to achieve that goal, Nokia had to identify a niche segment, figure out the deep insights of consumers in that segment, and create a campaign for them. Based on their research, Nokia finally selected the snowboarding community as the target.

  “The snowboarding community were already well versed in cutting edge social media and sharing experiences over platforms such as YouTube. Research showed snowboarding was one of the most watched sports at the Winter Olympics in 2010. ”

What’s more, the research told that snowboarders didn’t have a good way to track their performance and compare it with their fellows in the community. So, it was a good opportunity for Nokia to meet that need by creating an app for the new N8.


Results and conclusion

The “push snowboarding” campaign finally got an improvement of 3.2 percent in brand preference and 14 percent in device preference. The campaign delivered 18 times more value than invested, with more than 4 million phones sold in the year following its launch. (According to Inseed)

So why the campaign got such a good result? Why it was a good social media strategy?

First of all, as I mentioned, Nokia targeted the right segment and did a deep analysis of their customers. Second, they ran the campaign in integrated social media channels that could successfully reach the target audience. Then, the “Nokia x Burton” partnership did mean something for the snowboarding community. Furthermore, the new app on N8 designed for the target audience met their needs that had never been met before. And Nokia created a great chance for snowboarders to connect with each other through the app. That tightened the internal relationship of the community and also made the N8 a part of the community.



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