LA LA Land | Places to Visit in The City of Angels

Recently, the movie LA LA Land is nominated for 13 awards for Oscars 2017. The capitalized “LA LA” represents Los Angeles, the city where the hero and heroine fall in love with each other and finally realize their own dreams. Los Angeles, the city of angels, the city of dreamers, the city of Hollywood, the city of stars, is also a city of travelers.


1. Universal Studios Hollywood

This is the place where Mia (Emma Stone) tries hard and makes her dream come true.

Universal Studios Hollywood has produced many many awesome movies that give people chances to know others’ lives, experience different lifestyles, and feel others’feelings. It’s a place that makes dreams. Visiting the park is a kind of make the dream come true. Because scenes from different movies are in front your eyes, and you feel like you are in the movie as you are one of the characters.


Staffs working in Universal Studios really impressed me a lot. They are not only serving people, but they are also actors.
The Studio tour is the must item you should experience in the park. During the 40 min tour, tourists can visit the scenes of movies like The Fast and the Furious, and experience the adventure in King Kong by a 4D film.


2. The J. Paul Getty Museum

Getty Museum exhibits plenty of valuable private collections from Europe, including paintings, ceramics, statues, religious objects and so on. So it is a wonderful place for Americans to know European culture. The entrance is free. The audio guide also.

Getty Museum is built on the mountain. Visitors should park their car at the foot of the mountain and reach the museum by tram, which is free.


The architecture of Getty Museum is gorgeous and aesthetic. The glass walls allow the sunlight to softly penetrate into the buildings. When the weather is perfect and the sky is blue, the glass walls reflect the color of the sky. The whole museum seems to blend with nature.


3. Griffith Observatory

In the movie LA LA Land, Mia and Sebastian confess their love to each other with a dreamy dance at Griffith Observatory, which is in the Griffith Park. Climb to the mountain top, walk to the Observatory, you can see the most beautiful sunset of LA, and have a panorama of the whole city.


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  • Tip: You can drive to the mountain top, but there will be hundreds of cars there. It’s hard to find a parking place. So if you like hiking, or want to do some exercises, park your car at the foot, and go by foot. Reserve about 2 hrs in advance for you to get to the Observatory.

4. The Hollywood Boulevard

The Oscars has been awarded to wonderful movies and filmmakers for nearly 89 years. Dolby Theatre, on the Hollywood Boulevard, has watched 15 annual ceremonies and thousands of starring nights. The Hollywood Boulevard is a part of the movie history of the whole world.


Some photos by Richard Li


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